The Story


My two daughters were early teens when the idea for a company formed around the concept of being Good Enough came to me or rather called me. Frequently, in the conversations with my girls, we spoke openly of the discomfort of comparing ourselves to others and messages received through media. During our discussions we explored the idea of worthiness outside the parameters of judgment, comparison, measurement, and conformity and the cultural preoccupation with perfectionism.

We talked at length about being an individual, listening to the voice inside more than the barrage of voices outside. This was especially relevant regarding "appearance", both physical and behavioral, as they went through middle and high school. I found a deep importance in showing my daughters their inherent worth as often as possible as I, too, was learning about my own essential worth right alongside them.

One day a friend and I got to laughing …… wouldn’t it be great to plaster across a baseball cap the words GOOD ENOUGH®? One thing led to another as what started out as something funny between friends began to become more purposeful. Sharing the message around me was striking a heart filled cord, containing real meaning. And the vision began forming of pairing it with a wearable accessory line as a way of creating repetition and broadcasting the positive message in the world.

What became apparent early on is having a quality product people will want to purchase and use is important, though, the essence of Good Enough Nation® will always be the same. GEN is about touching people and giving a voice to the commonly human need of feeling worthy, remembering each of us matter and are essentially important for what and who we are in this world. 

I am dedicated to my personal path of knowing I am worthy and good enough and what it means for the quality of my life and how I interrelate with others. I am passionate about sharing what I'm learning. That's why I'm building a nation around the philosophy of being Good Enough®. I love taking this essential belief system and incorporating it into everyday useable products. 

At Good Enough Nation® we're infusing meaning into our accessories, creating beautiful, functional, quality products with a rich purpose while being a conduit for this positive social change.

Every time you hold one of our bags in your hands you will be reminded


I am Good Enough®".


Please join me? -- Karen Rae