Your Vote is Your Voice

by Karen Rae in , ,


Our unique ribbon, sewn with care into every bag 

No matter what a product is,

it inevitably creates a message and experience,

for both purchaser and culture.

It's a vote in a way, for what we believe in,

or as a part of our identity or reflection of who we are at any given moment in time.

We purchase what we're drawn to and through this

tell a story of who we are, have been or are becoming.

At Good Enough Nation® our accessories are exactly like this.

The goods we make are carriers.

The products themselves are vehicles for our message.

Wearing this message invites focus.

Focus invites intention.

Intention invites change.

Change invites transformation.

Come along with us

in creating a more positive, livable message

in the media and our personal stories.


Your vote is your voice.

Your voice is your vote.