Your Vote is Your Voice

by Karen Rae in , ,


No matter what a product is,

it inevitably creates a message and experience,

for both the purchaser and our culture.

It's a vote in a way, for what we believe in,

or are a part of our identity or reflection of who we are at any given moment in time.

We purchase what we're drawn to and through this

tell a story of who we are, have been or are becoming.

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Beginning of the Founder's Blog

by Karen Rae in , ,

Naming my company came easy. Working through the layers of my own self worth has not. It's still very much a current process, requiring a lot of TLC and emotional courage from time to time and the patience in knowing there is no black and white point of arrival.

No 'there' to get to.

No final 'ta da' to say I'm done. 

This I've come to accept. There's relief in letting go of the race toward perfection.

Instead I decide, each day, to engage in the mysterious messiness of life. A continual opportunity to be human and real, growing in authenticity and perfectly imperfect.

What I know is the deeper I dive, the more healing I find. The more healing I find, the more compassion toward myself.

The more compassion toward myself, the more compassion I experience for every single person around me.

It really does expand from the inside outward. I know this is true.

Our questions are often the same:

Am I worthy?

Do I matter?

Am I good enough? 

What if I'm this way or that way? Or I don't have it all together? Or I've gained some weight? Or made some rather large mistakes? Spilled imaginary grape juice on my new white shirt? Still good enough? Still mattering to whatever brought me here? Still worthy? Do I still belong?

I've realized being worthy is not about being better or becoming the best.

It's about living from an internal and central place of worth, moving outward in a more personal growth orientation, from the inside out.

So now, I have a new set of questions forming:

Am I growing?

Am I learning?

Am I loving?

Do I feel alive?

And within this growth orientation, being good enough right where I am is the path I choose.

Whole and worthy right here, no matter what I've done today, right or wrong,

inherently worthy and good enough.

Getting my sparkle on!   

Getting my sparkle on!


Welcome to

Good Enough Nation!

And to the

GEN Founder's Blog.

Your chair at the table awaits you.

Much love to you

kindred soul!